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How effective is your cyber security?

With threats continuing to grow in both volume and sophistication, performing a pentest to understand how an attacker might breach your business’ defences and the appropriate action needed to address the risk is an important part of effective cyber security.

Master threat hunting

In the new rules of security, defense is offense. When you attack threats proactively, you put your defense on the offensive

Is threat hunting art or science?

It’s both. To detect more threats, in less time, and with faster remediation you need the sharpest tools and the most skilled hunters.
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Does my organisation need a pen test?

With threats constantly evolving, it’s recommended that every organisation commissions penetration testing at least once a year, but more frequently when:
• Making significant changes to company infrastructure
• Launching new products and services
• Undergoing a business merger or acquisition
• Preparing for compliance with data security standards
• Utilising and/or developing custom applications


Director, ChildVision

"A man of detail and very meticulous planning. Sound temperament, resilient and can work with different people from different walks of life..."You'll want him on your team. I was fortunate to have him on mine. Trustworthy and dedicated - a person I would anyday love to work with and have on my team.

Leslie Almeida

ICO: Sr. Cyber Security Investigator

"I'm technical background and pen tester myself… having worked with number of project with MoH, It's a different dimension unlike any other Cyber Health Checks i have ever seen. Thanks again for what I see as a very worthwhile exercise... this report was very insightful and covered a lot more than previous tests."

Faisel Shuib

InfoSec Specialist - BSc(Hons), CISSP

"MoH conducted our pen testing in the same vein as actual hackers, we have used them on a couple of occasions in order to perform penetration testing. The report from the testing is clear and concise, and offers recommendations on how to improve safety, both in terms of best practice and system security. We would not hesitate to use MoH and his team again for future websites."

Joshua Olaojo
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