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Naushad has over 20 years' experience in enterprise security with a BSc, MSc in cyber security and ethical hacking. He is a PhD researcher for government special project, an offensive security professional and Ex-Navy officer.

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1. Binary Warfare
*We’re at war (Binary Warfare): * Cyberattacks – A wake up call for businesses

2. Detection & Scope
*Why detection is so hard for you? * Scope outside of the box

3. Risk Matrix & Hackers business model
*Let’s look at your Risk Exposure Matrix *- does it align with the hackers business model? Redefining the Risk Matrix

4. The time bomb I
Reducing Risk Now – Creating a new matrix for risk

5. The time bomb II
Are you on Shared Hosting – The next cyber Tsunami

6.Are we secure for real? or just ticking boxes for Compliance?

7. Cyber defense approaches: What are you missing?

8. Threat landscape
*Evolution of the Threat landscape * – Transforming Security

9. Advanced Threats APT
* Raising the bar on your Cyber Defenses

10. How Not to F#<~ up cyber security
* CIO, CISO, CTO and CEO take note!

11. Malware associated
*Do you know your network is associated with malware? *- Can you prove it’s not?

12. Zero Trust
“Zero Trust” adoption: 10 commandments to secure Cyber Security

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4 Topics: A General Election Themed Cyber Checklist. NOTE: This topic's only for the SC Cleared members and audience.

Cyber threats are a growing concern for Olympic planners, and past games hold valuable lessons for Tokyo 2020

The Shifting Cyber Threat Landscape

As hackers become more creative in their subversive techniques, businesses need to become more proactive in educating their workforce and stepping up their cyber incident response plans. Businesses should consult with their vendors, third-party suppliers and stakeholders in every business unit to ensure continuity, mitigate risk and verify that security measures are being employed and regularly updated.